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In terms of damage, the MP40 is one of the highest damage weapons to fire fully automatic. However, on the PC version of World at War, its maximum damage is smaller than that of an MP40 on the console version. On the PC, the MP40 is capable of obtaining three to four shot kills, and the MP40 on console is capable of obtaining two to four shot kills, both without Stopping Power or Headshots . Going for headshots on the PC is an effective way to score two and three shot kills easier, whereas the console version will only have its time-to-kill decreased at long range. The range may not be as long as desired, but better than that of other SMG's. This very high damage is offset by the MP40 having the worst ROF in-class, at only 535 RPM. The low ROF can be remedied to around 711 RPM by using Double Tap . Penetration abilities are poor, which is a statistic inherited by every SMG. Using Deep Impact can alleviate this.

The pharmacological activity of MDPV, and related chemicals may result in serious and potentially fatal adverse effects. MDPV inhibits the norepinephrine-dopamine reuptake system and leads to central nervous system stimulation. Acute side effects may include rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, hyperthermia (elevated body temperature), vessel constriction, muscle spasm/tremor, and seizures. Higher doses can lead to behavioral and psychiatric effects such as severe panic attacks, psychosis (hallucinations, delusions), paranoia, agitation, insomnia (inability to sleep), irritability, and violent behavior. 1,4 In the reported Marquette County, Michigan cases the most common signs and symptoms of toxicity were agitation (66%), tachycardia (63%), and delusions/hallucinations (40%). Accidental deaths due to overdose and "bath salt"-related suicides have been reported. 5,6

Will Oldham’s first under this name – while easier listening than his Palace Brothers work – encapsulates ‘gloomy’ via vocal quaver and clanging piano. Johnny Cash deemed the title track worthy of covering on 2000’s ‘American III: Solitary Man’ – hardly festooned with belly-laughs itself.

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The One Inch Punch can be upgraded during the Little Lost Girl easter egg, after hitting roughly 20 Crusader Zombies with glowing arms in the staff room of The Crazy Place with the One Inch Punch. To gain kills toward the Iron Fists, the actual kill does not have to be from the One Inch Punch. Hitting a Crusader Zombie once will cause it lose the glow on their arms, and this counts toward the reward. After reaching the amount, a power-up resembling a stone for the G-Strike will be dropped. It gains a one hit kill attack until round 36 and has an extra elemental attack depending on which staff the player was holding at the time of the pickup; for example, players with the Fire Staff will set zombies on fire with their punches.

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