Aftermath dates to the late 1400s and was originally an agricultural term. Its two parts are transparent—but only if you're familiar with an ancient word math that is now used only in British dialectal English and that means "a mowing of a grass or hay crop" and also refers to the crop that is gathered. The original aftermath came, of course, after the math: it was historically the crop of (usually) grass cut, grazed, or plowed under after the first crop of the season from the same soil. It wasn't until the mid-late 1600s that aftermath developed its other meanings, both of which are now far more common than the first.

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The first episode of "Aftermath" focuses on Leah Remini's and Amy Scobee's experiences within Scientology and departures from the Church. Upon learning of Ms. Remini's and Ms. Scobee's involvement, CSI sent letters to the "Aftermath" production providing information intended to discredit both women by criticizing their veracity and motives, and attacking their character. Although Ms. Remini is prominently featured in all eight episodes of the series, we include CSI's letter about her here along with the letter about Ms. Scobee and the Church's "White Paper" titled "Amy Scobee - Anti-Scientologist, Discredited Source" because she is a primary focus of the episode. The letter regarding Ms. Remini has been redacted to protect the privacy of individuals not featured in this series.

****From Golovanov's book, it seems that Vasili Ryabikov, the Chairman of the State Commission overseeing the Sputnik launch, called Khrushchev to inform him about the success of the mission.

The second volume in K-Tel's breakbeat electronica series includes a lot of American names: Lunatic Calm , Crystal Method , Rabbit in the Moon , Überzone, DJ Icey , Cirrus , Atomic Babies , and BT . The focus on funky breaks is balanced with the British and techno side of music, with tracks from Cornershop , Roni Size , the Sabres of Paradise , Infiniti , and Pressure of Speech .

Until then, most buildings had minimum amounts of insulation, such as 1 1/2 inches ( mm) of board insulation. By the 1970s, contractors and manufacturers addressed the added concern of increasing R-value, which, in turn, increased roof system thickness. This complicated roof system designs, particularly with renovation projects. In addition, building officials began to enforce fire-resistance requirements over metal deck construction.

PoI-6870: Did you know that, uh, world-renowned writer Stephen King was hit by a car? My name is Jude Kriyot. God, please don't hang up. I don't know if the police can help this kind of thing. [Laughter for thirty seconds.] I don't think, damn, I don't think anybody can help.

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